My son Vickerdang is 4 now, and I cannot imagine him going by any other name. I am thrilled with Gabooldra's services, which were well worth the money. Is it wrong that I turn my nose up at all of the little Jacobs, Jaydens, and Aidens in Vickerdang's pre-school class?

    - Stephen, Colombus, OH

Our daughter's name was one of those that took Gabooldra a bit longer than the standard four to six business weeks to produce. While our sweet Lucahiss didn't have a name for the first twenty-six months of her life, we have to say we wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you, Gabooldra.

    - Susan and Byrd, Young Harris, GA

When I saw celebrities snatching all of my favorite baby names right from under my nose, I knew I had to do something!!!! LOL! I found Gabooldra through a friend of a friend, and 6 months later Frawntagen was born. Everyone I meet tells me he looks just like a Frawntagen. I agree! :)

    - Megan, Pittsburgh, PA

I went to Gabooldra in the winter of '08 for a name for my King Charles cavalier infant dog. In less than six business weeks, Gabooldra presented me with a certificate naming my sweet boy "Cromwilder." I couldn't be happier with the name. Truly. Since then Gabooldra has regularly monitored the American Kennel Club dog name registries for other Cromwilders. In one instance, she found one, a Boston terrier living in Utah. I'm not sure what Gabooldra did, but the name was off the registries in less than a month's time. Some may say the prices are high, but when you factor in all the monitoring, you'll see you've gotten yourself a deal!

    - Lee, White Plains, NY

I had to sell some of my grandmother's jewelry to pay for my Nibroth's name, but I've decided it was worth it. Thanks.

    - Tario, Stamford, UK

Our daughter Serfoxul told me the other day that she doesn't much like her name, but we think it's great! Thank you, Gabooldra. Do you have a mailing address? We want to send you her school picture.

    - Leah and Nick, Barrington, RI

Crayfooca brings us joy each and every day. A Crayfooca by anyother name would not smell as sweet!

    -The Moratts, Lubbock, TX

We wanted to name our daughter Harper, but Gabooldra talked us out of it. I'm really glad we went with Xatabithox instead. Gabooldra included a pronunciation guide with her certificate, and that's really helped. As soon as her brain gelled and we were able to send her to school, we started passing on the pronunciation guide to her teachers each first day of school. She loves her unique name and Mommy and Daddy do too!

    - Ben and Jean, Hueytown, AL

Proitiss is a really handsome pussy cat, even though I'm allergic to him. I am glad I used Gabooldra to name him. It was worth every $500 bill.

    - Meeegor, Brooklyn, NY

I'm a single parent, and when my friends saw me struggling financially to pay for my daughter's name, they asked me why I didn't just make up my own name and see if it had zero Google search results. I told them Gabooldra has a naming gift. And I was right. Woparta is a "Woparta" through and through. I'm blessed. My eternal thanks to you, Gabooldra. You are on the top of my prayer list.

- Greg, Jacksonville, FL