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Naming Bruce 


Bruce Jenner. This image is supposed to be flattering. I can't draw the best right now because I have large hand cuticle. 

I have watched all 143 episodes of Bruce Jenner's television program, Keeping up with the Kardashians. I don't like many things, but I like this television show because I always wanted sisters. My favorite is Kim because she is calm, sleepy, and slow, like the still horse on a merry-go-round. She  likes turtlenecks, and so do I. 

But that's not why I watched all of those episodes. I watched them because knew that not only was Bruce Jenner (who was in the Olympic Games) born with the wrong genitalia; he was born with the wrong NAME. That's a "double whammi" as my neighbor across the way would say.

I watched KUWTK so I could  get to know the her in him. I watched so I could feel her true name. I wached because giving people (and infant pets) their birthrights is what I do. I watched so hard I didn't even bother to name that new royal baby. 


Any one of these FREE* unique name suggestions for Bruce Jenner would fit Her perfectly. These names are based on the rumor that he has chosen the name Belinda for Her. Belinda is not unique, but I tried to make the names sort of like Belinda because I know he likes it.  


- Brublendeever 

- Shubsplenda 

- Bekimdahh

- Belindishine 

- Khloruchesta-Romaine 

- Bezookaline

- Cha Dablenish

- Barkwheetadaught 


*not available on elitist competition naming site Ergfolswelle. Free naming is also tax deductible. 

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