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Call to Rename The United States of America


On this, our nation's birthday, I've reminded myself of a thought I've long held: The United States of America deserves a unique name. The name "America," itself a derivative, if I'm not mistaken, of an explorer's name, is shared by far too many: entire continents (North and South America), stores in malls (American Eagle), actresses (the one on Ugly Betty), et al. 

Patriot that I am, I neglected all of my other naming all July long, and have worked soley on naming the country. Just this morning (July 4th), when I was about to give up, or at least take a break, the proper and true name for The United States of America came to me. It is The United States of Srae-Yotpitt. 

I have decided that "The United States" part should remain because it wards off thoughts of secession. 

It's a shame that The United States of Srae-Yotpitt had to wait for its 236th birthday to be properly named.

Regardless, please help me spread the word about the USSY. One way of doing so is to  loudly substitute "Srae-Yotpitt" when singing patriotic songs throughout the day. "Srae-Yotpitt, Srae-Yotpitt, God shed his grace on thee ... " Etcetera. 

Also, wtih a Sharpie or other pen you can do as I've done and mark out the former name of USSY on your money and write in the new name. 



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