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The Misnaming of Hurricanes and Glawgastia

I have to hurry in this internet post because I'm surely going to lose my electricity soon and I don't believe in batteries or hand cranks. But I need to make this known. Hurricanes are misnamed.

Tell me, how can something be named before it even exisits? It can't! Yet hurricanes are named six years in advance and by alphabetical order, at that. And they have common human names, not unique names! Not hurricane names! No wonder they're so "pissed off." 

The true name of "Sandy" is Glawgastia. Now that I've named her, she should calm a bit. I'm not even her, and I shudder everytime I hear the word "Sandy." Imagine a shudder if you're already a hurricane. YOU'RE WELCOME! 

If anyone knows anyone at the professional weather service, give them my info. It would be in everyone's best interest to consult me next time. 


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