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Gabooldra Does Not Approve of Violations of New York City Park Rules

I live near a park, but I'm not going to tell you which one. Today I saw the blatant disregard of several of the park rules listed above.

  • First, I saw a woman feeding pigeons buns. One nearly dove into my head in the act of trying to receive bun crumbles.
  • Second, I saw a lemonade stand, which I very much doubt was operating with a permit of any sort. It was operated by several smarmy looking yuppies with cameras. They asked me to buy some lemonade. I told them I didn't have any money (lie). 
  • Third, I saw a young Boston terrier running around without a leash. It probably ate some pigeon bun.
  • Fourth, I saw a pile of men on a bench, and they were using alcohol.

I would like the people of my community to know that this rule-abiding citizen has a vigilant eye and a mouth that isn't afraid to tattle. After I publish this blog post, I will have my assistant send the link to Mayor Bloomberg and local cable affiliates I have approved. 


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